About Us

What’s in a Name

Tetralataredos was formed from a group of friends with interests in technology, GNSS systems and space. The name (which mixes spanish and english spellings) makes reference to the technique used by the system which is multilateration which involves the determination of a position by intersecting imaginary spheres created from several sources and representing the potential distance of the tracked system. Multilateration needs at least three range estimators to determine a position (Trilateration) but can be done with more to enhance precision. Since the team is composed by four members, the name became tetralaterados as a reference to the number of members.

The Team

Joan Ametller

Joan Ametller Esquerra is an MsC in Computer Science with experience in embedded/real-time software design and development, operating systems and networks.
Currently, he is working at Indra as a cross-project software expert within the Galileo and EGNOS ground segments, a job in which he has more than 12 years of experience. He also worked at GTD in the Ariane 6 Program, specifically in the bench tests. Finally, he has also a strong background in Cryptography and Security, working for almost 5 years as doctoral researcher in these fields at Autonomous University of Barcelona.

Camille Pelloquin

Camille Pelloquin is an advanced Data Science and Entrepreneurship Engineer with vast experience in bringing innovative projects from Ideas to reality. With more than 4 years of Experience at Starlab, Camille successfully managed space-related projects from the idea conception to the product delivery, going through tenders and customer/supplier related milestones. Camille is nowadays working as Chief Operating Engineer at Asgard Space, a Spanish Start-up. He is currently studying a MSc in Digital Business.

Ivan Tosso

Ivan Tosso is a Senior Test Manager with a background in both IT and aerospace. With a MSc in IoT, Ivan can easily implement cutting edge technologies in daily basis applications. He has been working managing validation teams and developing solutions to verify complex systems within GNSS ESA programs at Indra since two years ago.

Marc Cortés-Fargas

Marc Cortés-Fargas is a MSc in Aerospace Engineer with a major in Space Systems. He holds two patents based on mechanical solutions for aerospace issues. With vast experience on mechanical and systems design in aerospace companies such as Airbus, Marc is working nowadays at Indra as systems engineer designing PRS systems. He is currently finishing a MSc in Financial Management, which gives him a holistic vision in the development of technical projects.

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